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Brandon and Chakeia
met the summer of 2001.  Brandon was a freshman on campus and Chakeia was an upper classmen responsible for mentoring new students and introducing them to campus life.  When Chakeia was given the responsibility of welcoming the class of 2001 she never would have imagined one of the goofy freshmen would sweep her off her feet.  Initially they were just best friends.  Brandon would ask Chakeia to cook, which kept their friendship solid.  Thank goodness for the practice because there is a memorable lasagna that Chakeia made for Brandon his freshmen year that was not yummy. Secretly Brandon and his friend tossed it, but after months of practice and several new tasty recipes later their love of food grew to something more.  At the end of Brandon's freshman year he went home to Birmingham for three whole weeks and Chakeia stayed to take summer classes.  The time apart made them both realize their feelings for one another.  Once they were both ready to admit what everyone on campus already saw, they were inseparable and have been together ever since.  In the fall of 2008 Brandon took Chakeia out "shopping."  Chakeia would soon find that their shopping extravaganza was really a trip to pick out what would be her engagement ring.  On September 9, 2008 Brandon Johnson asked Chakeia Manley to marry him.  She said yes and their story continues to develop and grow even today.


Brandon and Chakeia's story continues with many passions and one of the greatest is serving their community!  They view their Johnson Family Foundation (JFF) as a way to stay connected to the community.  Their desire is to impact the lives of those on all socioeconomic levels, genders, races, and ethnicities.  JFF believes we all have a common thread and the activities the foundation host and supports share in that common goal, personal and global development and progress.  It is not enough to be aware of your surroundings you must move past that step and take action regarding the knowledge you have obtained.  The foundation seeks to take action by helping, teaching, and learning while having fun in our neighborhoods!  Taking action is a key component to the foundation.  Progress does not happen by standing still.  Someone must take a step that leads to a journey in order for true change or development to occur.  Brandon and Chakeia want to help others achieve their personal best and feel powerful.  Teaching is a form of empowerment.  It offers tools as building blocks of a foundation to greatness.  JFF seeks to learn from those in the community about what are the issues that need addressing to bring about a better future.  JFF wants to not just open a platform for success but see it all the way through to fruision.  This is a desire because Brandon and Chakeia take joy in the results and because of that joy they take pleasure in the preparation it takes to make things happen.  This is a foundation of doers, action takers, and hard workers who love to do things with a spirit of excellence and inclusion!  Come unite with us as we make things happen in our communities!
Brandon Johnson  
Brandon is a native of Birmingham, Alabama. He is number 59, Linebacker of the Cincinnati Bengals, National Football League. Brandon completed his Bachelorís degree in Communications with an emphasis in Business Management in 2006 from the University of Louisville. Brandon is highly involved in rebuilding the community with the Second Change Opportunity Center and the Bengals team.
Chief Executive Operator
Chakeia Johnson
Chakeia is a Kentucky native and 2005 graduate of the University of Louisville with a Masterís in Criminal Justice and Pan African Studies. She also received her MBA from Webster University in 2007. Chakeia is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the owner of Indulge Spa and Salon LLC and Pink Purse LLC. She is an experienced event coordinator and has enjoyed planning activities for University of Louisville and as an Executive Team Leader of Target Corporation in Gilbert, Arizona where she handled all team, guest, and media relations.