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What is the biggest problem our youth are facing today?


MIND (Legal Wellness) Programs

Johnson Joined with Justice
A program to help battered children and teens find legal help and support groups in a descreet and confidential manner.

Just Us
A one on one Johnson Mentee Program for Trouble Teens.  Teens are paired with a Mentor to help them learn life skills.


BODY (Physical Wellness) Programs

Johnson Jumps for Kids
A basketball camp for girls and boys.

JFF SMASH Camp (Smart Men Are Saved and Holy) Camp
An all boys Christian Football Camp where young men are taught how to play football and interact in a competitive yet team oriented atmosphere.
Bran Can....
A challenge event during the SMASH camp where kids challenge Brandon to do certain  challenges academically and athletically.  If Brandon can't do it or the student wins the challenge activity the camper wins a prize.
Football School...
Campers learn about how the body is affected during workouts, physics of the body, football, basketball, and others professional sports. This program is geared towards kids ages 8-13 to develop good workout habits.

SPORTSMANSHIP Class- Campers learn techniques of football and social graces like chivalry and etiquette.

(Mental and Emotional Health)

Johnson Coat of Arms
A program designated to cloth innercity youth during the holidays.

Johnson Food for Families
An annual food drive and distribution for families in our community.